Ardgay Game


Premium Providers of Scottish Wild Venison & Game Ardgay Game is a second generation family-run business with over 40 years experience. We produce venison products solely from wild Red, Sika, and Roe deer culled across the finest estates in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. The harvestable surplus within the wild deer population of Scotland provides a wholly sustainable food source with impeccable provenance. 

The Red, Sika, and Roe deer carcasses collected from the Scottish estates where they roam wild, can be processed within a day back on our site at Bonar Bridge, Sutherland. The expert butchers at Ardgay Game combine skill and tradition with technology to produce the finest, freshest, most flavourful cuts of meat.

Sustainable Practices

At Ardgay Game we do our best to adopt a circular economy model – nothing is wasted. All usable meat is graded and goes into the food chain either for human consumption, or for pet food and feedstock. Non-usable by-products such as the hides, go to make bio-fuel, further adding to the environmental and sustainability credentials of Ardgay Game wild Scottish venison.


Southside Estate, Bonar Bridge
Highland, Sutherland,
IV24 3AQ

 Tel: 01863 766162