Balblair Distillery

About Us

Sitting on a remote and unspoiled hillside overlooking the Dornoch Firth in the North of Scotland, time passes slowly at Balblair distillery but a warm and unrushed welcome is always guaranteed.

At Balblair, we’ve always taken our time to make our single malt. Together with this commitment, we celebrate the role our Highland home plays in shaping the character of our whisky.

We purposefully don’t seek to make a lot of our extraordinary whisky. Instead, we prefer to focus on quality not quantity. This simply means we can focus on one thing; ensuring the taste is the best it can be.

ur approach to whisky making is considered, with respect for the past, honoured by our craftspeople for over two centuries: a real testament to the pride and passion of everyone at Balblair.


Edderton, Tain,
IV19 1LB

 Tel: 01862 821273