Great Glen Charcuterie


We are a small family-run business producing a range of specialist charcuterie using only the finest Scottish venison. We live and work in Roy Bridge, a small village deep in the Scottish Highlands. 
We are Jan Jacob and Anja Baak – originally from The Netherlands but we moved to Scotland over 20 years ago having fallen in love with its rugged beauty and the wonderful produce and ingredients that can be found right on our doorstep.

When we first moved here, we lived on an estate where Jan Jacob became involved in the management of the wild deer population. It is then that our love for the delicious, sustainable meat that is venison was born.

During the following years, we experimented with the local meat, creating dishes using a hand-built smoker in our garden. It wasn’t before long that our smoked cuts of venison became a favourite among family and friends and so we decided to start our own small business.
Scottish venison is a natural, ethical and healthy meat with strong credentials in terms of traceability and sustainability. Wild deer roam freely in the Scottish hills feeding on heather, wild plants and grass. This makes wild venison a deliciously healthy and sustainable meat source. With no natural predators in Scotland, the wild deer population has to be managed by man to keep the numbers at a sustainable level and protect the environment from overgrazing and starvation of the animals in winter.
Venison is low in saturated fat and high in  iron, protein, vitamin B and essential omega 3 fatty acids. It also contains 20% of the daily requirement of selenium and zinc.
All of our products are made with 100% venison with the exception of our Pork & Venison and Pork Charcuterie. This makes them a healthy alternative to the more common, pork-based charcuterie and suitable for those who don’t include pork in their diets.
Our charcuterie is available from independent retailers across the country and can be found on the menu of many restaurants and cafes. For more info and online orders:


The Old Butchers Shop, Roy Bridge, Speyside,
PH31 4AE

 Tel: 01397 712121