Hebridean Mutton and Highland Beef


When you’re talking about sheep that see humans six times a year and beef from the oldest registered cattle breed in the world, you know this isn’t ordinary supermarket fare. Similarly, there are no neatly bite-sized anonymous packs of meat here, rather ordering is done in either a half or whole sheep, and a quarter of beef. Ali and Sandy Granville gave up jobs as high flying London lawyers to move to a croft in Tolsta Chaolais, on the Isle of Lewis, and now organically farm (with the very light touch needed for breeds as hardy as this) Blackface sheep and Highland cattle. Slaughtering is done when sheep are at least two and a half years old, from September onwards. Meat will be delivered by Christmas, vacuum packed up and driven to UK addresses.


10 Tolsta Chaolais,
Isle of Lewis,

 Tel: 01851 621722

Email: sandysmutton@gmail.com