Lower Mill of Tynet Farm


Lower Mill of Tynet is a family farm and shop on the stunning Moray coastline near Spey Bay. It is run by husband and wife team Gordon and June Whiteford and their 3 children. It is a certified organic mixed farm with dairy cows following a calf-at-foot system, an arable enterprise growing a range of crops including wheat and field peas and producing award-winning brown and white free range and organic eggs. ‘Farmer G’ is passionate about animal welfare and the environment and spent a year studying best practice across the world through a Nuffield Scholarship. Inspired by his findings, regenerative methods and organic principles, he now practices techniques which are good for the environment, good for the farm and good for you too by producing high quality milk and eggs. “Our philosophy is simple, we put the environment and animal welfare first at all times by ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and care. We make sure they have freedom and space to roam and graze”. Our flock of hens are truly free range, they are not given antibiotics and they are fed the finest non-GM organic feed free from pesticides and other agri-chemicals. Our micro dairy cows graze lush diverse grass swards in summer and during the winter they can enjoy fodder made on farm. The farm supplies the local area with eggs and milk and the family have created a modern farm shop, complete with a milk vending machine and flavoured milkshakes! The family welcome visitors to enjoy the fresh air and farm experience and purchase produce produced right on their door step. A variety of homebakes, coffee and local seasonal produce are also available year round – pop along and see for yourself.

Sustainable Practices

Our farm is run on a regenerative model with a drive to be self-sufficient. Sheep and cattle are only fed forage grown on the farm. Cattle receive a small amount of home grown cereals in addition. Arable crops are grown and milled on the farm for the laying hens with all the nutrients being returned to the farm. For several years we have practiced intercropping where wheat and peas (and other combinations) are grown in the same field through to combining. Not only does this yield better than a single monocrop but improves soil health and produces more home-grown protein for the laying hens diets. The farm uses home saved seed in these intercrops which have given higher yields and appear more resilient to pests than bought in seed. In 2015 Gordon was awarded a Nuffield Farming Scholarship Scottish Egg Quality Award Winner 2016 The family and new farm shop encourages the local community to visit and learn more about the farms practices and source local produce. The farm regualrly hosts visits for Schools, Young Farmers groups and The Rotary Club.


Lower Mill of Tynet Farm,
Buckie, Morayshire,
AB56 5HJ

 Tel: 07919 443 3336 
Email: gordon@highlandeggs.co.uk