Isle of Mull Cheese


45 years making cheese on the Isle of Mull. Harnessing energy resources from our island home.

Sustainable Practices


Here at Sgriob- Ruadh we are lucky enough to be able to say we 100% produce all our own electricity and heat. In order to make our farm and business as  self sufficient and more resillient as possible, over the years we have installed a range of renewable energy sources.  Grandpa  (Jeff) was always looking for ways to do things better, ideas which would mean our farm and business would be around for future generations. With many years of hard work, and many to come, we and are proud to say we have achieved some methods which will hopefully work towards ensuring this is the case.

Living on an island has its pros and cons.  Some being the limited availability of feed.  We are lucky enough to be able to feed our cows draff from the local distillery and grow grass in the summer to be able to graze our cows on and make silage from for the winter months.  However, the weather and  poor soil quality means we are reliant on buying in hard feed to supplement our cows diets and straw for bedding.  For reasons such as these where we are reliant on outside help and is one of the reasons we aim to try and be more self sufficient in other areas.

Using the resources this wonderful island has to offer we can (when everything goes to plan) produce the energy for our own farm, cheese making dairy, our holiday cottages and own houses as well as the energy for The Island Bakery (Joe and Dawn Reades business).


Sgriob-ruadh Farm,
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