Isle of Skye Sea Salt


The Multi Award winning Company in 2011 was founded by Chris and Meena Watts. At the heart of our business, from the word go, we had a very strong sustainability ethos married to a commitment to producing the highest quality product. This ethos continues to this day and, combined with the excellent provenance, appeals to professional chefs, other food producers and consumers who care where an ingredient comes from and how it is produced. We were the first company to produce sea salt on Skye for 300 years and, until 2020, was the only company producing sea salt in Scotland. Our company is credited as kick starting the renaissance of the historic Scottish sea salt industry, important for hundreds of years, but which had disappeared in the 19th Century. We were the first company in the UK to develop and introduce an innovative eco-friendly solar evaporation production method. Together with the great provenance of our salt, using crystal clear water from Loch Snizort in the North-West of Skye, this process produces a top- quality sea salt distinctive both in taste and texture from other UK. Judges comment for the Great Taste Award in 2022 included ”A harmonious salt with so much depth of flavour. Absolute perfection”. Our commitment to sustainability and product quality has been rewarded with a number of national awards, Great Taste (three times), Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Award, Scotland Speciality Food Show Gold Award and Scotland Retail Food and Drink Award. We are also one of the few Scottish producers given the accolade of being included in the International Slow Food Movement Ark of Taste in recognition of our reviving a traditional food product in Scotland and our commitment to sustainable processes.

Sustainable Practices

The mission of the company is to produce the highest quality sea salt in as environmentally friendly way as possible. Within this context, our process is the most visible example of our green approach. We do not pay lip service to ‘sustainability’. It runs as a common thread through all our business operations from sea loch to larder. We have no power on our main evaporation site using only the sun and wind to produce our sea salt. No farmland was taken out of production on our main site to accommodate the polytunnels and ponds. As we levelled the site for the ponds, no soil was removed as it was all used to create the bunds protecting the polytunnels from the winter storms. Almost all of the materials used on the site can be recycled or re-used at end of life. When the site is no longer used for making salt it can be returned to its natural state. We use card packaging, which can be re-used and/or recycled, and the inner packaging can be recycled as well. We reuse the boxes in which our supplies are delivered to send out our sea salt to our customers. As a food producer we sit within the wider Scottish Food and Drink Industry which, collectively, has made a commitment to play its part in assisting the Scottish Government to achieve its Sustainable Development goals. For our Environment Award at the The Highlands and Islands Food & Drink Awards 2014. The judges stated “This was an excellent submission which really grasped what the Environment Award is all about.


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