Laikenbuie supplies organic lamb and pork to home consumers also eggs to the local health food shop. Their farm, which also does a successful line in self-catering accommodation, has Soil Association accreditation lambs and pigs are reared outside. Antibiotics are only given in the case of sickness and animals are not vaccinated but given homeopathic preparations

Sustainable Practices

Laikenbuie Trust VISION: To conserve the farm & land known as Laikenbuie Croft in perpetuity and in the public interest as an example of sustainable organic small-scale agriculture and landscape rewilding operating in synergy to enable a diversity of natural and indigenous flora and fauna to re-establish. To provide at Laikenbuie organised opportunities for land-based learning, environment & nature education, and health & well-being programmes for schools, colleges and local community groups within a working farm environment where nature can flourish with minimal intervention. 

VALUES: Conserving: It is the aim of the Laikenbuie Trust to become an example of conservation and small-scale organic farming operating in harmony and to be able to encourage conservation & rewilding practices within agriculture. Promoting: We want to be able to promote the advancement of environmental protection, ecology and rewilding within the context of sustainable small-scale organic agriculture and education.

 Supporting: Laikenbuie Trust will support small-scale organic farming and the markets for produce. It will support rewilding projects within the agricultural & land management context and raise awareness of the benefits of creating a synergy between both. 

Encouraging: Laikenbuie Trust will become a place for learning & development and sharing of best practices. We want to encourage people to see the benefits of nature connections, living in harmony with the natural world and being able to live & work sustainably. Enabling: It is our aim to enable natural regeneration in areas of the farm, for a diversity of natural and indigenous flora and fauna to re-establish and by doing so to create a balanced ecological environment. This, in turn, will create a haven for wildlife, protect the upper catchment & watercourse of the Auldearn Burn and reduce lower-course flooding. 

Providing: To be a provider of organic produce in the local market and minimising food miles. To be a provider of learning & development opportunities; engaging with schools, colleges and local community groups, linking with WWOOF UK and other organisations sharing our values who can provide programmes of learning.


Grantown Road, Nairn,
IV12 5QN

 Tel: 01667 454630