Nc’Nean Distillery

About Us

Our story began in 2012. Annabel pondering her future over some whisky cocktails in London. An eye-opening whisky road trip. A lightbulb moment. Then five years creating a distillery from scratch on a wild, west-coast estate. We started distilling in March 2017 and from the beginning we’ve set out to do things differently, to get people to think again about Scotch. We’re uninhibited by tradition and we’re not afraid to colour outside of the lines. We’re young and independent and this gives us the freedom to experiment. We’re exploring new taste profiles every month, seeing what a small-batch craft whisky can deliver. We believe we’re Scotland’s first organic whisky distillery; we are in the process of being certified as an organic distillery by BDA.


Nc’nean Distillery,
By Lochaline,
PA80 5XZ. 

 Tel: 01967421698