The Store Cafe

About Us

We could tell you about our freshly ground coffee beans, our deliciously gooey chocolate fudge cake, our slow cooked soups or even describe the crisp sizzled bacon cooked fresh each morning for soft rolls and cooked breakfasts – but we don’t want to bore you with any of that.

When choosing where to go for a quick coffee stop or even a full lunch The Store has three strong priorities – Friendly, Affordable and Reliable. Underpinned by our skilled catering and front of house team that’s why you will find our café packed every day with locals and visitors alike.

Steeped in village history The Store was once stocked by Gardiners of Orkney. Goods transported across the Pentland Firth by boat and completed by horse and cart to the Store where it would unload to the gap in the wall which can still be seen today. If you take a look inside the original shelving is still in place, some bearing 100 year old brand names on worn wooden edges. Originally it traded in fresh meats and fabric as well as daily grocery needs for the immediate community.

Take the time to visit us, come in, relax and enjoy. Let the Store become a part of your story as you become a part of ours.


KW14 7SS

Phone: 07944 978332